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My story 2020/21

So, as you may have read already I am a florist. My shop is called 'Rosalines Flowers' I have been enjoying playing with flowers now for many years, In 2020 I was able to go fully self employed and fulfill my dream of being a florist all day everyday! I think that is rather amazing! I am extremely lucky to be able to live in the countryside... well I think I am, this has given me all my inspiration to who I am today. Ever since I was little I loved being outside on my pony enjoying the freedom of living on a farm. My parents changed the dairy farm to a business park and have always been forward thinkers... they are truly amazing and they both really make you believe anything is possible.

Since doing flowers full time I became aware of my Eco footprint and wanted to be more sustainable to follow the theme of the farm. Spring Farm sources all its own electricity from the wind turbines and many of our sheds have solar panels, and most of the heating is through ground source... I didn't want to be getting as many flowers delivered from Holland so this ignited this amazing idea and opportunity... see I told you my parents were forward thinkers!!!

 I proposed to Mum and Dad 'The Flower Paddock' idea; Home grown flowers, country style, sustainable and Eco friendly, unique selling point, amazing opportunity, flowers from the farm, my love for nurturing and watching not only my plants but my confidence grow, and so much more! Thankfully they loved the idea and this is how the paddock journey started.

It all began after lots of planning and preparation, (see my pictures on the right to follow the story) we moved my Mums pedigree sheep to another paddock and started to add drains, next came the poly tunnel, bedding plans, the raised beds, my seed orders started arriving! Green waste compost... trailer loads of it, spring bulb planting, water troughs in place to catch all the tunnels water, electrics going in, outdoor beds made and the list goes on...

I hope you enjoy my pictures, I feel its always better when you can see these things!

My pictures to the left are just a little more about me. I have two dogs one called Maple and the other Willow, I have a horse called Tango - I've ridden all my life and Tango is just one of the best horses I have ever had! I have a duck called Darcy she will be surveying the grounds making sure there are no pests in my paddock, she will eat the odd snail, slug, insect so I won't be having to use chemicals. I have also attached a few images of my flower posies.

Now that's only the beginning I feel like I'm going to have to write a page for every season... I'm apologizing now. I truly am having the time of my life, and whilst doing this, I am always stepping ever closer to fulfilling my dreams. So many more plans for my little paddock and I'm so excited to keep sharing it with you all! Check out my video story below!!!

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