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Whats been happening?

So much has happened this year 2021/2022 already! I've launched my own seed boxes, grown the paddock enough to source most of the flowers for my orders, learnt a new skill and have not only grown in business but in myself too. Watching the paddock blossom has created me to bloom too!! 

I am now confident in myself to open classes, launch and set open days,try and grow as many seeds as i can and even though sometimes are over whelming this journey i am on is just incredible. My family and amazing boyfriend have been a large part of my story so far! 

Below are just some images of the best summer ever... The weather was sunny, my little sister got married and it was the first year i sourced flowers from the paddock. I grew Delphiniums, Dahlias, Cosmos, Peonys, Sweetpeas, Sunflowers, Astilbe, Ammi Majus, Honesty, Spring Bulbs and the list goes on. 

With 2021 being my first year as a grower I learnt so much, firstly how to grow plants from seed, when to harvest the flowers, how to manage plants in all types of weather conditions and how not to break bones whilst filming my progress around the paddock... Yes I broke my elbow by falling backwards over a raised bed whilst filming Henry!! 

I can't wait to grow and develop the paddock more over the next few years. I am holding an open day on 23rd July 2022 and I really am excited to meet lots of new and existing friendly faces. The paddock has really changed my view on flowers and I am now just in awe of how a little teeny weeny seed can create and grow into such wonderful plants and produce such incredible flowers. 


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