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Interested in the plants we grow?

I hope you are enjoying our 'Flower Paddock' journey. My family and myself certainly are. I am so excited to start growing all these amazing, beautiful, luxurious plants and I am bursting to share it all with you!



My growing aims and ambitions for 'The Flower Paddock' on my amazing family's farm.

Since starting this dream come true venture at the end of 2020, the polytunnel life has been a whirl wind. I am obviously just starting out, but this doesn't stop me being positive and aiming high to fulfill my growing ambitions. Anything living and worth striving for takes time, so I understand my plants are not going to flourish miraculously over night but lets see what I can grow and what likes the ground on the family farm.Please see below my dream plants and what I'm aiming to grow... I'm already nurturing most of these plants now!!

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