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My Winter/Spring



We have Lighting!


The polytunnel now has indoor lights, I can see what I'm doing during these damp, cold, winter evening. How great is that!!! Oh and we have waterproof electrics... Roll on the polytunnel heater!


My Winter Blog/Journey 

Wow its been a crazy first winter journey. I've learnt this winter how hardy my amazing plants and seedlings are. It's been a roller coaster from mild nights to freezing icy mornings. This has been the hardest season for me, I have been extremely busy with my flower shop 'Rosalines Flowers' so the poly tunnel didn't get as much attention throughout December. Now it's January we are all steam ahead with more planting, seed nurturing and plant deliveries. 

I've now had the electrics done, I am in the flower shop in the day, and have to work in the tunnel at night, these lights are a lifesaver and make my growing journey a lot easier... I can actually see my seeds popping out of the compost now without the torch! We have also had waterproof sockets situated inside the poly tunnel, this way I can mow the grass with ease and have a HEATER... my seedlings really will be in heaven. 

Due to the cold weather my irrigation system (sprinklers) plugs,  have popped off a couple of times, this resulted in me getting a very wet head. Adam (Amazing Helper) and Dad soon sorted this issue.

My water troughs were so frozen I couldn't even break the ice, see pictures below.

But overall I'm having the time of my life creating and developing something that is all mine! 

Also my family are pretty awesome!


Its been snowy, icy, frosty, freezing and my seeds and plants are still surviving! 

The Weather!

Dogs in a field

Watch this video to see my progress 

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